Monday, December 3, 2012

Punishment Paid Forward

I haven't flaunted the fact that I took vacation days on Thursday and Friday this week.  I have been very hush hush about it.  I have been a good trooper.

So why then is fate/karma/the universe hammering the crap out of me today?  It's like I'm getting my post-long weekend punishment in advance.  Urgh.

Change of subject to baseball, the Red Sox signed another catcher (that makes four on the roster at this point) today.  The plan is to have him play first base.  He's done so in the majors before, a little bit.  He also hit a massive .227 last year, and he's going to make more than four million dollars a year.

Let the Mike Napoli era begin!

On the hockey front, I might be getting my wish.  Not my happy, let's play hockey wish, but my angry let's hope the NHL implodes and goes completely out of business wish.

This week a group of players and a group of owners are going to meet without misters Bettman and Fehr.  Oh yippee.  Jeremy Jacobs is one of the owners and it often looks like Jacobs is the guy pulling the Bettman strings (or is it the other way around?) so Bettman may as well be there. 

After this stupid waste of time is done, the Union will probably start looking to decertify.  That move could very well put the entire CBA process into the courts for the next year or two... or three.  That will pretty much give me my wish of a world without an NHL, and the door will be open for a league that isn't comprised of people who are actively kicking 3+ billion dollars out of bed in an effort  to make more money.

The gun is loaded.  Now all the players have to do is point it at the league and pull the decertification trigger.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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