Monday, November 30, 2009

More Superfriends

Don't lie to me. You know you love the Superfriends. You can't get enough either.

Invasion of the Fearians Pt1

Invasion of the Fearians Pt2

Four Day Weekends

Don't you think they should all be four day weekends?

I am back at work and not happy about it.

Thursday was Thanksgiving of course. We got up early and started cleaning and cooking in preparation for both sets of parents coming over for dinner. The kids helped with the cleaning a lot, and I helped with the cooking a little, but the majority of the credit goes to my beautiful wife Jen. She whipped our house into shape and got everything ready. Dinner was great, the company was great, the day was great. Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks again to my love for being so wonderful.

Friday we hung out with the kids in the morning and generally had a much needed flake of a day. After we dropped the kids off at their father's we went Christmas shopping and hit the mother lode. We're not finished yet, but we're close.

Saturday the love of my life, Jennifer the beautiful, had to work most of the day but we managed to watch a couple of flicks together while hanging out at the house. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is just as funny today as it was when we first saw it 200 years ago. All I can say is, "SQUIRREL!" We also watched Casino Royale on Blu-ray. James Bond has never been more lifelike. The high definition images are freakin' outstanding.

Sunday was Thanksgiving Part Deux, which is a holiday we alone celebrate. My sister spends Thanksgiving with her husband's family and my brother spends it with his wife's family, so we have our own private little celebration a few days later where we get to all spend it together. This weekend the kids were with their father so we weren't going to be able to take them with us. I was a pretty sad about that. I wanted them to join us so we could have all of the kids involved in the sort-of-holiday. As luck had it though, the kid's dad had a scheduling conflict and asked if we could watch them for a couple of hours. Magically those hours matched up exactly with the turkey dinner at my sister's. It was perfect, like an early Christmas present. We all got some major baby time. I hope the kids had as much fun as I did.

Because of the way the kid schedule works out, this coming weekend is the only good opportunity we have to put up our Christmas decorations. It's a little earlier than I usually like to do it, but then again I usually like to wait until nearly the last minute. I'm one of those later-is-better-than-sooner Christmas decorators. However, this weekend is the weekend to do it for us.

It is also a busy weekend. We are baby sitting my niece on Saturday, and on Sunday we are going on the insensitively named Dead Relatives Tour, which is when we visit my grandparent's graves with a pretty substantial group of relatives.

That means we will have to start decorating during the week. We have the kids from Wednesday through Sunday but Thursday night we have other plans. So... we will buy a tree on Wednesday, decorate on Friday, and then spend Saturday and Sunday with family. Sounds like a plan. All of the decorating materials (except the tree) have been moved from the basement to the kitchen and are just itching to be put up. The tree will once again go in the dining room, although we tried to figure out a way to get it into the living room. There just isn't enough room. It was wonderful in the dining room last year, it will be again this year.

We had a wonderful busy week last week and we will have another wonderful busy week again this week. I can't wait!

There is one other important bit of journal worthy news today. Six month ago today I married the woman of my dreams. I married Ms Right. I married Jen. Today is our 0.5 year anniversary, or our sixth monthiversary. What ever you call it, it's a small milestone in the journey that is my marriage to Jen. The sweetest, kindest, smartest, charmingest, funniest, most beautiful, sexiest (oh yeah!), lovingest woman I have ever known.

I love you honey bunny. Here's to about 100 more half years together.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Part Deux

Today is the Parker family Thanksgiving Part Deux. Circumstances just magically combined to let us take the kids even though it's not our weekend! Woohoo!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Superfriends pt 2

Remember how all of the good Superfriends episodes were cliff hangers? Here's the payoff, kids...


This was hands down my favorite Saturday morning cartoon. Nothing came close. It's fitting given today's television viewing habits.

Coup d'état

The day before Thanksgiving is, as we know, the busiest travel day of the year. The day after Thanksgiving is, as we know, the busiest shopping day of the year.

It is very rare that I indulge in the day after commercial festivities. Last night, however, Jen and I took a stab at it. We weren't numbered among the gazillions of people who went shopping before dawn. I'm crazy, but I ain't that crazy.

No, we waited until the evening to hit the shops. Successfully too. We blew through our shopping agenda in record time. We are not done by any stretch, but we are extremely far along and it's not even December yet. We are the dominate Christmas shoppers. Bask in the glow of our awesomeness. Bow to our skill!

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Day After

The morning after Thanksgiving... and we are in full flake mode. The kids played computer games before breaking out the dominoes and settin' 'em up and knockin' 'em down on the kitchen floor.

I just watched the Mythbusters Moon landing episode whilst sneaking bites of Tewksbury Tweets.

Yesterday we had Jen's mother and step father, my parents, and a priest from St Williams who came with my folks. My mother made turkey and stuffing. Jen made mashed potatoes and stuffing and veggies and stuffing. Jen's mother made salad. For dessert we had Jen's Tewksbury Tweets, apple and pumpkin pies, my mother's cookies, and cranberry bread, Jen's mother's apple and four berry pie, and my brownies. After dinner the kid's dad and soon-to-be-step-mother came with a chocolate/peanut butter/coconut dessert. In other words: We ate like pigs. It was a very happy Thanksgiving.

The brownies, which I made Monday night, somehow magically didn't cause any food poisoning for anyone. I was really surprised.

Today we are hanging out with the kids until around 4pm when we have to take them to their dad's. We are trying to figure out what to do for lunch as we speak. After we drop them off we are going to jump headlong into the Christmas season with a shopping spree.

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving too.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


My father is carving the bird and the ridiculous mountainous Thanksgiving feast is ready to be devoured.

Happy Thanksgiving to All.

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Opera Unite Lounge

Help me test out my Opera Unite Lounge app.

You should be able to click the link, chose a user name, and chat with me. I won't be there long, but check it out if you want.



The sky is a very hazy, gray color. It's been drizzling all day. The sun doesn't set for about half an hour but it's already close to dark as night.

It's also the busiest travel day of the year.

A co-worker who left the office a little before 2:00pm called in to say that route 30 in Framingham is already a parking lot. I would say that route 9 is too, but route 9 is a disaster on the best of days.

The most commonly heard phrase on the traffic reports is, "Seek alternate route." I do that every day anyway, but even I -oh traveler of the back road less traveled- can expect some big delays today.

This is the down side of Thanksgiving. It'll be all right once we all get where we are going. When that happens we can celebrate one of the United State's best holidays. Until then, however... traffic stress.

Tomorrow we should all give thanks that we managed to avoid the psychotic road rage of the average motoring psycho.

Happy Evening Before Thanksgiving everyone!

Last night

A hazy moon over Methuen.

Opera Unite

Opera Unite... does anyone actually use this?

Jen's new company blocks all of the instant message and web chat functions that we know about. Yesterday I read a report about the release of Opera 10.10 and remembered that Opera Unite has a chat room application. I had set that up a while ago and then never used it. I wondered if that might be useful to the Mrs and I.

I ran the service, sent her a url, and sure enough it was blocked.

I also set up the web server in the hopes that I can use it in place of the now defunct geocities for posting our family Christmas lists. I got that running too. The other cool looking thing is the media server. It would be nice to store my music on my desktop (I already do) and stream it to my computer at work. I got that running again as well.

This morning before leaving I made sure the services were running. When I got to work I went to the appropriate urls... and none of the services are running.

Damn it.

I don't know of anyone else using this. Do you? I was going to post a link to the chat room and then watch with rapt attention as no one logged into it. Stuff like that fascinates me.

***Change of Subject***

Christmas is one month away. Not that any of us could have missed it what with a couple of Boston area radio stations having switched to all Christmas music formats weeks ago, and every store in the world (not literally, it just seems that way) running massive Pre-Thanksgiving Christmas shopping advertising campaigns.

I hate that. Thanksgiving is a great holiday and we belittle it in the name of Christmas induced commerce. If you believe the adverts we have nothing at all to be thankful for beyond the chance to get screwed over by a huge retail chain giving false promises of unreal black Friday savings. It really is shameful.

Don't blow off Thanksgiving folks. Enjoy it. Once it's over you can start worrying about Christmas. Don't ruin a good thing.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Youtube celebrated the release of their 1080p functionality today by releasing the above video. The Muppets doing Bohemian Rhapsody. By far the greatest video ever.

You Will Laugh

Three at Last

The Bruins have won three games in a row for the first time this season. They currently sit in sixth place in the East. Marc Savard is back. Can you hear that? That's a million Bruins fans breathing a sigh of relief.

Last night against St Louis the second worst power play in hockey scored two power play goals and threw in a short handed goal for good measure. Patrice Bergeron is playing like... well... Patrice Bergeron. He set up all four Bruins goals last night. It was beautiful.

>sigh of relief<

Meanwhile, we are down to the last two days before Thanksgiving. We are hosting both my and Jen's parents this year and we get to have to kids too. It's going to be a great time. The preparations have begun as last night I made a dessert that will undoubtedly give everyone food poisoning. It's not much, but the first food has been cooked!

We watched a show on National Geographic last night that basically rebroadcast all of the major moments in the Kennedy Assassination. All of the footage came from the Dallas local networks. The name of the program was something like The Lost Footage or something like that.

There was exactly one moment that really stood out for me. Just after Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald a television reporter who was right there when it happened gave a report back to the studio. This was after enough time had gone by that he was able to give the identity of the shooter. I don't remember the exact quote, but it was something along the lines of the shooter's name is Jack Ruby and there isn't a single police officer in the building who thinks Ruby acted out of patriotic fervor. They think he was trying to silence Oswald.

This was two days after the President had been shot, and already there were people in both law enforcement and the press who were talking openly about conspiracy. I never knew that kind of talk started so soon after the assassination.

Right after the Kennedy program ended, a show about Abraham Lincoln began. More proof of a connection between the two late Presidents? Could be!

Monday, November 23, 2009

One Stunned Hockey Fan

I never thought I would live to see this. Granted, it's only 25% of the way into the season and there is still more than enough time for things to get back to normal, but...

The Lowell Devils are in first place?

>Robert faints...<

Time for a Revolution

Jen heard about this on the radio this morning. I had started to hope that maybe we as a society were starting to move beyond idiocy like this. Guess I was wrong.

Read this article from the Los Angeles Times.

Red haired kids... beaten up... because they are red heads. Nice, huh?

I have red hair ya know.

I saw the South Park episode. It was friggin' hysterical. Especially the part when the ginger kids discover Cartman isn't one of them and turn on him. Vengeance is pretty freakin' sweet... and funny.

The idea that someone... anyone... would be so retarded as to think that something on South Park was worthy of imitation in the real world is simply proof that some people should not be allowed to breed as their children will inevitably be too stupid to function in a civilized society.

The idea that someone... anyone... would be so retarded as to think that it is okay to discriminate against someone based on how they look, or the color of their hair, or the color of their skin... but that's America for you I guess. Where everyone is free and equal so long as they look and think and act exactly the same as you... right?

I thought we were moving beyond this idiocy. Wrong.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


We re-viewed the small three bedroom with the cemetery view. This time we had Jen's mother and step father with us. This house did not get the seal of approval. Things that were wrong that we missed the first time were not missed by Sherman this time.

The other house we went to, the one Jen and I first looked at last March, is still just as awesome as it was the last time. The big difference now is that it's a short sale. It's a really nice place though.

What to do, what to do.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday does not equal Sunday

So I have lost the ability to read a calendar. When it says that your friend's three year old daughter's birthday is on Saturday, that means it is on Saturday. Not Sunday.

We made it for the last hour which included presents. At least we had that.

On the upside, it meant we got to see my nephew, my niece, and my friend's daughter all in the same day.

The same calendar day, as it were.

That was very nice. We are all exhausted, but it was a very good day.

Tomorrow has us viewing houses. Another very good day, I'm sure.


Lazy Saturday doing laundry, watching television with the kids, going to my parents for some baby time and spaghetti.

The Penguins of Madagascar is a freakin' awesome show.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Damnit Pronger!

You are going to have to click on this one to blow it up and get the full affect of it.

This appears to be how the NHL calculates suspensions. I think it's a very accurate depiction.

I saw this on twitter today but lost track of which user posted it. Sorry about that.

Is Hockey in California a Mistake?

Aren't folks in Southern California supposed to be mellow? This is a star-of-the-game ceremony in Anaheim. Watch the fans closely after Scott Niedermeyer hands his stick over the glass.

Happy Happy Happy

I am afraid to say anything... I am afraid I might jinx it... but that thing that I mentioned yesterday that was on my work calendar that I really really really didn't want on my work calendar... is no longer on my work calendar. Christmas might be coming early this year.

The Bruins won last night. Can I have a hallelujah? We watched most of the game. Blowing the two goal lead was painful. Blowing the one goal lead in the last minute of regulation forced me to change the channel and put on Smallville. It worked out well. On the one hand, the Bruins won in the shootout. On the other, Lex Luthor appears to be getting more evil with each passing episode. Awesome

Question for the religious folks in the audience: In the Bible, doesn't God promise that he will never again use a flood to destroy the Earth? If that's the case, how do we explain the Downpour of Biblical Proportions that I just had to drive through to get to work? What else could it be, besides God telling Noah that it's time to get building that boat. In the immortal words of Bill Cosby, "What's a cubit?"

And on that blasphemous note, I will sign off for a while.

Go Bruins!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another 40th Anniversary

Today is another big NASA 40th anniversary. On November 19, 1969 Apollo 12 landed on the moon.

Now that we now there is frozen water on the moon we should probably go back and check it out, shouldn't we? So much to learn, kids. So much to learn.


There was something work related coming up that I was really unhappy about and did not want to do.

I don't want to jinx it by being specific, but I think some one else just volunteered to take it off my hands.


Okay... back to Earth now.


Okay, now back to Earth for reals.

Can the Bruins right the ship tonight against the lowly Atlanta Thrashers? What? The Thrashers are two spots ahead of the 11th place Bruins in the Eastern Conference?

Oh my God the Bruins just suck. It's so painful. At least we have a chance to get Lucic back tonight, and there are also rumors that Savard will return tonight too. Not holding my breath, but those would be two very, very good signs. We might actually have an offense... probably not though. Marc Savard is fantastic and all, but I don't think he can carry the whole load by his lonesome. Patrice Bergeron has been doing all right, but I think those two together might still come up short.

Please Bruins, remove yourself from this cosmic schnide you're on! When you score goals your defense is rotten, when you keep the other team from scoring your offense is pathetic. Put it together guys!

Oh the pain.

I still have a cold. It comes and goes. Mornings are by far the worst part of the day. I am starting to clear up a little now, but I will be sniffling all day. What's worse than that? My Bride now has it too. It's all my fault.

We are planning on looking at two houses this weekend. Both are very high on our we-want-that-house list. We may go to an open house to see a third as well. To offer or not to offer, that is the question.

I can't think of anything else. Maybe after 366 consecutive days of posting I am burning out? HA! Don't you wish!

Here's a turkey day cartoon to go out on. Good Day

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday!

One year ago today I was farting around online and decided, for no apparent reason, to stop posting my pointless drivel of blogged uselessness on myspace and start posting it here. I still don't know why. It seemed like a good idea at the time... no scratch that, it seemed like a retarded idea at the time but I went through with it anyway.

I wrote this in the first post:

I am going to try to write to this a lot. Possibly even daily. Not that I have anything all that important to add to the universe, but just because I kinda like it.

(do you see what I did there? I just block quoted myself. How's that for narcissism?)

Well I did it. I posted at least once a day for a full year. I think it was last March when the question of informational security came up and I split this page in two. Because of that you can't necessarily see that I posted daily, you have to take my word for it. Everything posted prior to the split went to the private page and everything that mentioned kids by name or gave to many specifics on locations and such were removed from the public page. As a result you kinda have to look at both pages to see the unbroken string of posts... so like I said, take my word for it.

Over the course of the last year I have gone from happily engaged to happily married. I've gone from "mom's fiance" to "step dad" in the eyes of two incredible kids. I've become an uncle twice while two other friends had their first child, and a third friend is only a couple of months away from his first child. We agreed to buy a house, lost the house, decided not to buy a house, and decided to start looking at houses again. We traveled to Florida, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and all six New England States.

If proof of nerdiness is needed, I have a total of 894 public posts and 540 private posts. Many of those prior to the split are on both pages so I don't have an actual total, but an excess of 1000 seems a given. Probably an average of three per day. Yeah, I am the nerd king all right.

So happy bloggy birthday to this page. Go eat a piece of cake in it's honor, or something. Maybe a Suzie Q or something. (oh my god, I had a Suzie Q the other night. It really is the most heavenly manufactured snack food ever created by human hands.)

Back to reality now. I am still dealing with this frick-on-a-stickin' cold. It won't go away. To make matters worse, Jen is catching it too. I don't know if there is enough kleenex on the Earth to handle this crisis. We have to be better by Friday so we can take the kids to see the babies. We have to!

On the house hunting front, there was an interesting development this morning. Here is a little back story...

Last March when we first started looking into buying a house we checked out a ton of places. There were three that we really liked. One was a HUGE five bedroom place with a cellar that was so big it seemed to tunnel under the whole neighborhood. The place was just plain colossal. It was a little bit out of our price range and it needed some work so we didn't make an offer, but it was an awesome house. The second was another big house with a huge hard, a pool, an awesome deck attached to an awesome three season porch. It also had a barn that was converted into a humongous garage that included a loft that was flat out ginormous. This place was also just a little bit out of our price range but it never left our thoughts. The third place was the three bedroom that we put the offer on and were screwed out of by an idiot seller. For the record, the price they eventually sold the house for was almost $30,000 less than the offer we made that they accepted. Frickin' twits, for sure.

Anyway, the five bedroom place sold and we know the sad story about the place we offered on, but the second place has yet to sell. Today Jen got an update from one of the real estate sites she uses saying that the asking price had been dropped from just out of our price range to well within our price range.

We had developed enough interest in another house near our neighborhood that we have asked some family members to come along with us to see it this weekend. Now we're thinking of adding a second look at this other house to the agenda. I'll keep you posted. This is stressful as all hell, but it's fun too.

Finally, in celebration of the page's 1st birthday and the fact that the site I used to use to make free flash mp3 players doesn't seem to want to work today, I am trying out a new flash mp3 player from The test song is "Here it Comes" by Mission of Burma. Possibly the best B-Side of the 21st century. I hope this works.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grumble Rumble Roar

I feel sick. I felt sick while we were out in Indiana at the end of October. Thursday night I started feeling sick again. Every now and then I feel 10 times better only to be feeling crummy again a couple of hours later. I did almost nothing but sleep this weekend and still feel exhausted. We are hoping to be able to visit with the babies this Friday but if I am sick I might screw up yet another opportunity. Am I allergic to my nephew and niece? Is that why I so often get sick just before planned visits? I hate that!

We're on season six of Smallville now. What to do after we finish season eight? Deep Space 9? Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Take a break and watch movies? Something we haven't even thought of yet?

I have a nasty feeling that I am going to run out of cough drops and tissues before the close of business today. That might be a sign of the apocalypse.

Why am I writing this random blather? It's called avoiding a subject. The subject being avoided is the 10th place pathetic Bruins. I am sad. I am scared. From a conference winner in '08/'09 to a lottery pick in '09/'10. It looks likely. The pain is enormous. As Rob Schnieder (sp?) said in The Waterboy, "Oh no, we suck again!"

I am going to stop writing this post now as Blogger has begun sending me auto-save errors. I will take that as a sign.

Hopefully not a sign of things to come in Bruins Nation. >gulp<

A Bite Me Kinda Commute

There was an accident on route 93 that apparently stopped traffic throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts this morning. My 75 minute commute ballooned to 100 minutes.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Doomsday Fun

I've been reading the occasional blurb from various scientists and science writers about the fast approaching end of the world in December 2012. Needless to say, the general consensus is that the world is not going to end. Just because the Mayans stopped counting after the 12th of December 2012 does not mean that they predicted existence to stop counting too.

One such post came complete with a link to a very fun site that lists various end of the world predictions dating back to 2800 BC. Given these things have been wrong for 4800 years or so, I think the odds favor us surviving as a species long enough to ring in New Years in 2013.

A Brief History of the Apocalypse

Three Wolf Moon Strikes Again!

Mondaaaaaaaays SUCK!

Back in high school there was a sort of chant that was common on Mondays, or on any other day of the week when the topic of Monday came up. I can't actually share it with you, but for those who might recognize what I'm talking about (none of you?) it would be spelled out as something like, Mondaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays SUCK!

I hate Mondays.

Years ago I rerouted my morning commute to avoid the worst highway traffic jams on Earth. I have had to reroute it a number of times since to avoid painful lights, intersections, road work, and school buses. Recently I went through a major reroute to get around a new construction site on route 495 in Tewksbury. I now find myself taking Shawsheen Street in Tewksbury for its entire length. Today on that one road I was behind a single school bus that stopped me EIGHT EFFING TIMES! That's eight, or 8, frick-on-stickin' times.

On Saturday Jen and I were out running errands. We were on route 93 North just before the New Hampshire line. It was pouring like a mah-fah (you can blame Stephen King's character Detta Walker for sticking that colorful metaphor into my head) and some... what's a good adjective... ummm... how about Douche Bag passed us on the right going much much faster than was safe to drive. We both commented on how we were probably going to see him crashed on the side of the road when sure enough he crossed into the left lane, spun out of control, went off the road to the left, spun around again, headed back onto the road, spun around two or three more times, and ended up facing the wrong direction in the breakdown lane on the right.

He didn't hit anyone but everyone stopped to avoid him. His response to coming perilously close to dying on the road was to litteraly floor his gas and spin himself around, his tires almost losing grip on the wet road again, before speeding across the road back into the left lane and flying away even faster. We didn't see him dead on the side of the road further to the North, but I am 100% positive that was only because we got off the road at the next exit. I expect to do a quick Google News search and see his obituary. Nice move slick.

We may be zeroing in on a house. I can't say for sure. We like everything about it, but it's such a big decision ya know? And back in April when we jumped at one it ended up spitting back in our faces. We might be a bit gun shy this time, but it is a nice house. Hopefully we'll have some family look at it with us this weekend and get some outside opinions. Fingers crossed.

Not sure why, but this picture seemed to get a bunch of hits on Flickr this weekend. I guess people like stuff shot through wickedly dirty lenses.
2009-09-02 - Spicket River Walk - Downtown Methuen

That's all for now folks. Drive safe and watch out for those damn school buses!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

And They're Off! Again

We went house hunting again today after a seven month hiatus, and we may have found a winner.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sick Again

Yup, after a couple of weeks off I am feeling sick again. Not nearly as bad though. I have stuffy sinuses and a bit of a sore throat. I think the sore throat stems from being a mouth breather. I am also really tired, which explains why I slept until 11:00am today! Not since my collegiate days have I done that.

I have to be better by tomorrow because we're going house hunting. Actually, it doesn't matter because we're going house hunting sick or not. I am looking forward to it. Especially that house with the big turret on the side. I am hoping it has a moat too.

Happy Saturday the 14th to all who survived Friday the 13th.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Why Do I Call Him "The Man?"

This is why I call Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins The Man.

Oh Good

Last night before bed my throat started feeling funny again. That's how it started two weeks ago when I ended up being sick in Indiana. This morning it was a lot worse.

The Bruins lost again. They were shutout again. Urgh. At least they played well and only a great game by Florida goalie Tomas Vokoun held them down. It what has to be the most boring hockey game imaginable, Florida won 1-0 in a shootout. For those not in the know, that means after 60 minutes of regulation and 5 minutes of overtime no one scored. Fun. Even the shutout needed an extra round before some one scored. Fun.

***Change of Subject***

Is the house hunting recommencing? We have a tendency to flip flop like a couple of congressmen when it comes to what to do with our money. Save? Pay down debt? Buy a house?

One of those options has always looked much more appealing than the other two. Guess which one.

Oh yeah, today is Friday the 13th...


Duck and cover and be safe out there.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


My friend Larry sent me this in an email. Here's the back story. I was complaining about having a hard time getting DVDs to play on my Linux laptop while we were in South Bend, IN a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned that I would screw with it, get mad, do something else, and then repeat. That went on a few times before finally getting it to work just before having to leave to pick up Jen. I then off handedly mentioned that the trip ended with a 1000 mile drive home.

This was Larry's response:

You know how people type "LOL" into messages and email but they rarely if ever actually "laugh out loud?" I totally laughed out loud.


We live in a Superman obsessed household these days.

Yesterday, after spending the day ironing and washing/drying all the clothes I could find, watching a few episodes of Boston Legal which go a long way toward proving that William Shatner really is the king, listening to the fifth Dark Tower book on tape, generally enjoying not being at work (thank you Veterans), and generally missing my wife (who had to work), the kids were subjected to Superman II.

We watched Superman the Movie Sunday night before watching part II last night. They agreed that the sequel was much better. After they went to bed Jen and I continued viewing the entire series of Smallville. We're well into season five now.

Yes, Superman is everywhere in our home. We even had two kids pretending to be able to move faster than light. Can you say wicked cute? I knew that you could.

Look! Up in the Sky! It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Superman!

Oh and yes, we all agree that despite his lack of superpowers Lex Luthor is the ass kicking super villain. Oh yes.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

I woke up very... very... very early this morning to the sound of the smoke detector at the bottom of our front stairs beeping that battery-is-about-to-die occasional beep. So I kicked off my Veteran's Day off by leaving at the usual going-to-work time to find a 9 volt battery.

The first open store I come to is the Cumberland Farms on route 28 in Salem, NH.

I enter the store and start looking for batteries. I found what I was looking for quickly, all to the sound of the clerk talking with a guy over at the coffee pots. They were talking about next weekend's Patriots game. The coffee guy was, for lack of a better word, shit-faced... plastered... wet-brained... well, how about drunk. Slurring his words, having real trouble standing up, basically slobbering over himself.

He paid for his coffee, I paid for my batteries, he stayed back a few minutes to finish his rambling discourse on beating the over-under, I went out to my car and plugged in my iPhone (to listen to the Stephen King Dark Tower Books on Tape project, I'm on book five) and the wet brain comes out and....

wait for it...

gets into his company van and drives to work.

Happy Veteran's Day! God Bless America.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Drunken Subway Fun

Some one at work said they saw the unedited raw security camera footage of this yesterday but I can't find it after 0.68 seconds of searching. This'll do.

Now you know why they say to stay behind the yellow line.

Isn't there an old saying about God looking out for little kids and stupid drunks? Something like that maybe?


I don't think I have any pet peeves or anything like that, but there are definitely specific things that annoy me. One just happened about half an hour ago.

I was on the third floor. I got into the elevator, heading for the first floor. (I'm lazy, keep your comments to yourselves.) There were a few people on the elevator already, one standing right by the button panel. No one was going to the second floor. Only the 1 button was lit.

As the elevator dinged for the second floor (it dings on every floor) the guy by the panel reaches up and hovers his finger over the "Door Open" button. The instant the elevator dinged for the first floor he pressed it as if his life depended on it.

As if we'd all be forever trapped in the elevator with the doors closed before us without his heroic action.

Of course nothing happened, because the door won't open until the car comes to a stop, and once it stops the doors open automatically. Automagically some might say.


Some One's Got a Case of the Mondays

Some one's got a case of the Mondays, which is odd seeing as it's Tuesday. I didn't have a case of the Mondays on Monday, but I do today.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Tomorrow is a day off from work. I plan to sleep most of the day and watch movies while eating popcorn and chocolate for the rest of the day.

Not really.

Maybe a viewing of Superman II with the kids might be in order, but otherwise I'll probably put on some tunes and zone out while wishing my wife were with me.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Who Knew?

Who knew soccer could be so violent?


How is it possible for two cars that are both completely stopped at a red light to hit each other?

I don't know, but it happened to me this morning.

I was stopped at a light and had been for some time. All of a sudden I feel the faintest bump. I actually wondered aloud if we had been hit or not. I looked in the mirror and saw a very ashamed, embarrassed looking driver behind me who was silently apologizing.

We drove through the light, pulled over, got out, saw that there was no damage to either of us and that everyone was all right, and then continued on our ways.

The kids were in the car with me and I don't even think they noticed when it happened. I felt sort of bad for them. They can now legally say that they have been in a car accident, which I imagine in terms of playground cred is a big deal, but it was so minor that it has to be a let down.

I told them when they get to school they could tell other kids about it but embellish it a little. Like, instead of saying we got hit but it was so minor we barely felt it say that we were stopped at a light when we heard the screaming breaks of the car racing toward us. Then it hit us with a huge crashing, crunching of metal (I was adding lots of cool action movie sound effects to this tale). We had to race out of the car and run to the side of the road. Just before we got there the two cars exploded and we had to dive into the grass to avoid the flames.

You know... just embellish it a little... for the sake of the story... that's okay, right?

(all I know is it got some major laughs out of a pair of elementary school kids and that makes it all right by me. heh heh)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good Morning

I was just informed that at some point yesterday Jen told the kids she was going to make pancakes for breakfast.


Friday, November 6, 2009


This is not a joke. It's not an old picture I dug up for a giggle. I actually passed this house on the way home.

Reindeer and all.

Happy Merry.

November 6, 2009.

Repent for the End is Nigh!

Repent all ye sinners, for the end is nigh upon us!

Or something like that.

One day after the Yankees won their 234,957,237th world series, the Bruins lost to the Canadiens. If that's not a clear sign of the apocalypse then I don't know what is!

They came within less than one minute of being shut out for the third straight game! The horror here is unimaginable! Thank heavens for a pulled goalie and Patrice Bergeron, or else that unthinkable, unspeakable fate would have befallen us.

Meanwhile, in our start to finish viewing of the show Smallville we got to see Lex Luthor wearing the kryptonite ring last night. (season four) It was pretty cool. Not cool enough to make up for the fright of a Bruins loss to Montreal and a Yankees championship... but pretty cool.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shatner Reads Johnston

Funniest thing ever? Could be.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Put your headphones on if you're at work.


My hate cup runneth over. My Yankees hate cup that is.

So I picked four of the seven playoff series correctly. Yippee-freakin-skippy. I would have gladly fallen below 50% if it meant the damn frakkin' Yankees lost. I hate them. I hate them.

If the Bruins lose to the Canadiens tonight you might be seeing me leaning off the Tobin tomorrow.

Damn you Yankees.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Welcome Back to the NHL Phil

I could watch this over and over all day long. Keep the loses coming Phil and the Leafs. We Bruins fans want that first over all pick!

Election Fraud

Yesterday Methuen held a town election. The election included the School Committee. There were eight people running for six open spots.

Today the Lawrence Eagle Tribune posts this article. Here is the relevant fragment:

Methuen school committee winner to give up seat to losing incumbent
By J.J. Huggins

METHUEN — Voters unseated incumbent School Committeeman George Kazanjian in yesterday's election, but fellow incumbent Kenneth Henrick said he wants to give the seat he won to Kazanjian.

"I beat Kazanjian, who is my buddy, by five votes. He's younger than me and he's a sharp guy. I feel badly," the 70-year-old Henrick said after the election results were released. "I'm shocked. I'm really shocked. I thought he'd do really well."

Kazanjian said Henrick showed up at his Sevoian Drive home and said he would give up the seat to Kazanjian. Kazanjian said he will accept.

"I think he's a tremendous friend," Kazanjian said about Henrick.

Kazanjian said he was surprised by the loss. He finished seventh out of eight contenders for six two-year seats on the board. Kazanjian finished with 3,482 votes while Henrick took 3,487 and the last spot on the School Committee.

"I worked hard. Evidently what I was offering... honest to God, I don't know," Kazanjian said while sitting in his living room with his wife and daughter...



So our system of government consists of people winning elections having the right to decide who actually gets the office?


This is stupidity of the highest order. I can't even believe it. I had to read the article three times to make sure I wasn't missing something. Something relevant. Something like Mr Henrick giving back all of the money donated to his campaign, resigning from office, and then the city having a special election so the voters (you know, the people... as in "we the people") can elect some one to replace him.

You know, the way it's done in a representative democracy like... oh, I don't know... Methuen... or Massachusetts... or the United States of America.

Another Quiet Morning

Another quiet morning around here. Not much to report on.

The cold is much better but still there.

Last night over a fantastic Indian dinner I mentioned to the Mrs (whom I love like crazy) that it feels like we haven't had the kids in 8 weeks. That changes tonight though, and we have them through the weekend. I am seriously looking forward to it. We have a 1 year old's birthday party on Sunday, and we're going to hang out with Mike and his family on Saturday. This should be a good weekend, especially if my cold is gone. Fingers crossed.

The Bruins maddening streak of win-one-lose-one finally came to an end last night. Unfortunately it was with their second consecutive shut out loss. Baby steps perhaps? In the wrong direction perhaps? Crud.

Please oh please let the Phillies win tonight. I picked the Yankees to win the World Series but I do so badly want to be wrong.

Is it the weekend yet?

Go Phillies
Go Bruins

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The new version of camerabag has a new filter! Woohooo!!

Light Reading

I stumbled onto a site today that includes some light reading I may want to dabble into during my off hours.

The Complete Guide to Google Wave: How to Use Google Wave.

Looks interesting, doesn't it?

(let me once again thank my lovely wife Jen for inviting me into Google Wave. I am one of the cool nerds, thanks to my lovey.)

I Know What You're Thinking

I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking that lard butt here told you he'd be spending the month of November writing more terrible music and here we are on November 3rd and you haven't heard a single peep about new music being worked on.

Well excuse me for being sick and not wanting to get up an hour or so early every day.

Have I given up? Nope. Will I give up soon? Yeah, probably. Oh well.

Better luck come February.

(still feeling sick but definitely better today)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ahhh-Chooo, cough cough cough

I was hoping to be better by now. I started feeling sick Tuesday evening. I was okay until Thursday when it started getting bad. I was hoping that Thursday through Sunday would be enough for me to get over it.


Cough cough cough ahhh-CHOOOO!


I made it to work though. I don't know how it would have looked to take three days off at the end of one week and then call in sick on Monday to start the next week. I'm not so bad that I considered calling in, but the way it would have looked did cross my mind.

Back to reality again.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back Home

On Thursday after Jen's meeting we decided to do some driving. Chicago was only about 90 miles away.

We had been in this position once before while visiting Mike and the family in Wisconsin. We had driven to Milwaukee for a Brewers game and a Rush concert. During the day of the concert we were looking for something to do. Tammy hit on a tour of the jelly belly factory that (we thought) was nearby. I don't like jelly beans but it was as good a destination as any so we went.

The place ended up being a couple of hours drive away. On the way we started seeing road signs for Chicago. At one point near the end we were within 60 miles or so. Jen and I both started thinking that maybe it would be more fun to just drive to Chicago so we could all say we'd been there.

As it turned out the jelly belly thing wad a collosal bust. The "tour" consisted of a little train that did a lap around a warehouse. There was no factory at all, it was just a storage and distribution house.

After that, we weren't going to pass on a chance to dip our feet in Chicago.

Here we see the skyline! We were there!

Here we see the back end of Wrigley Field!

The drive to Chicago was pretty long. We hit rush hour traffic. That gave me and my wife a chance to take on-the-road pictures of each other.

After returning to scenic Mishawaka, IN we had a late dinner at a place called Houlihans... I think I misspelled that.

They had a fish tank that featured almost the entire cast of Finding Nemo! Here are pictures where you probably can't make out any of them!

On Friday we got up early to get to the airport and head back home to civilization. Here is a picture of Jen looking pleased to be leaving.

Before going to the airport we stopped a the Notre Dame campus to see the football stadium. Unfortunately we were so close to the Central Time Zone that the sun was still down at 8:00am and all we got were dark pictures.

We found Touchdown Jesus and it was fully lit up. At least it was when I was pointing the camera... Just as I clicked they shut off the lights.

And for luck, another angle on the stadium.

Once we got to the airport we dealt with a douche of a rental car agent, checked in, went through security, and then learned our flight was cancelled.

We spent a ridiculously long time in the Continental line before deciding it would be easier and less stressful to just rent a car and drive home.

We got our hands on a very nice Chevy Impala and headed East on route 90.

I drove us across half of Indiana, all of Ohio, and into Pennsylvania. Then Jen took us from there to about half way across New York State. We stopped at a hotel in Liverpool, NY and got a good nights sleep. On Saturday morning I got behind the wheel and drove us into Massachusetts, and the Jen drove us to my parents house where we took a break before driving to the Manchester, NH airport.

We had a little bit of confusion over the bill and needed a little time to straighten it out, but we did and not long after we were home watching Smallville.

Here we see Jen driving in Pennsylvania.

Here we see a view of route 90 in New York. Where there was a rest area in the median with a foot bridge over the east bound lane.

Saturday in New York was a beautiful day.

Last but not least... Our awesome car that took us almost 1000 miles.

Now we plan to spend the day on Sunday flaking out in front of some Superman and hoping my cold goes away.

Welcome to November.