Monday, January 3, 2011

Embarrassed Cat

Sorry for posting two goofy kitty stories in a row, but I have to.

Last night we were sitting on the couch watching a surprisingly funny movie (The Other Guys with Will Ferrel and Marky Mark. I expected it to be really dumb and it was, but it was dumb in a funny way) when Patches the Wonder Kitty tried to jump onto the couch with us.

There was a blanket on the couch next to me and she jumped onto it... and it slid out from under her and she fell sideways right off the couch. (I had less than a second to wonder if she'd land on her feet. She did. Well... two of them at least)

She crash landed (sort of) and got up and took a few quick steps away from the couch. Then she turned and looked at it. She sat very politely (sit pretty?) with her tail calmly wrapped around her feet, and she just stared at the couch. It was almost like she was trying to say that she totally meant to do that. She totally meant to jump onto the couch and immediately fall off. She just say perfectly still and calm.

Until Jen tried to pet her, of course. That's when the real truth came out. She was utterly embarrassed! She ran out of the room and hid. It was freakin' hysterical.

After a few minutes she snuck back into the room and jumped up onto the arm of the couch, nowhere near the blanket that had caused the trouble.

I tried to take a picture of our embarrassed kitty.

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