Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Recap


That sums it up.

I wasn't feeling all that great toward the end of last week. I wasn't sleeping and I was exhausted like never before. Still, I was up for some New Years Eve fun on Friday.

We made sort of kinda plans to consider maybe thinking about going to Boston. We got as far as me looking for an event listing so we could figure out where to go. When Jen got home from work though, she expressed a little unease at the possibility of being two out of (literally) one million visitors to the city I love the most.

She suggested Portsmouth, NH. Portsmouth also has a first night celebration, but it's smaller and (hopefully) easier to manage. So, up North to Portsmouth we went!

At least... we tried. We hit every parking lot in the downtown area and every single freakin' parking space was taken with a line already formed for when the next person left. We circled for a while and then gave up.

We went to a Chinese restaurant that Jen knew about. It was in Newington... I think. The food was pretty good, but Jen remembered it as being a much nicer place than it was. She was disappointed.

We then drove to Dover in the hopes of finding a place to hang out until the ball dropped. Again, every single parking spot in the downtown area was taken. Screw it, we thought, and headed to Jen's mother's house. We hung out with Mom and Sherman for a while and decided to head back toward home at about 10:30. Jen still had some energy left, but her big wimp of a husband was toast. We drove back home and got into the house just in time to see the ball drop and to once again beg ABC to let Dick Clark go. Nothing personal against Mr Clark, I just selfishly want to always see him as the ageless wonder. I don't want to see him with 6 inches of pancaked make up on his face while he struggles to speak his copy.

So after the ball dropped and we had our midnight-happy-New-Year kiss we called the kids (we tried Face Time but couldn't connect). My step daughter sounded like she made it to midnight with ease, while my step son sounded dead tired and pretty much out of it. He made it though. Last year he fell asleep on the couch at 11:50. Soooo close.

We also carried out Jen's tradition of opening one outside door to let the old year out, and opening another outside door to let the new year in. Welcome to our home, 2011.

We were in bed by 12:30 (because I am OLD!) and I slept until 11:30. I just couldn't come up from sleep. I was so bone tired that even the 11 hours straight wasn't enough and I ended up taking a nap at about 2:00 until just after 4:00. I say just after 4:00 because I set my iPhone alarm to wake me up by 4:00 and I fell victim to whatever bug caused iPhone non-repeating alarms to not work on 1/1 or 1/2. I used it to get me up for work this morning though, and it worked fine. Good thing.

So by Sunday I was feeling sick. I was still tired, but at least I was able to function. I just couldn't breath anymore. Today was about the same. Just a persistent cold. I thought about calling in sick, and there were two or three moments during the work day when I wished I had. I'll be fine tomorrow.

My New Year's Resolution is similar to other recent resolutions. I resolve to be less dangerously overweight than I currently am. It would take a miracle to get me down to the point where I am no longer dangerously overweight, and I am not shooting for a miracle. I just want to be somewhat less unhealthy than I currently am. The gym tonight is a possibility.

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