Monday, April 30, 2012

NHL Second Round Predictions - Better Late Than Never

Okay, so I'm three days late with my second round predictions.  Shoot me.  I was on vacation and my favorite team was eliminated.  Bite me if you don't like it.  Sure one of the four series has already played two games, but that won't stop me from making the wrong pick.  Deal with it.

So how did I do in the first round?  What does it matter, the Bruins lost.

I picked the Rangers over the Senators and the Rangers won.  Yippee.  1/1
I picked the Bruins over the Capitals and the Capitals won and broke my heart.  Bite me.  1/2
I picked the Devils over the Panthers and the Devils won.  Big surprise.  2/3
I picked the Penguins over the Flyers and they suck suck suck suck sucked and the Flyers won.  2/4
I picked the Kings over the Canucks and the Kings won.  Despite my heartache over the Bruins, this is pretty freakin' awesome.  3/5
I picked the Blues over the Sharks and the Blues won.  And the suckfest in San Jose continues.  4/6
I picked the Coyotes over the Blackhawks and the Coyotes won.  And no one on Earth noticed.  5/7
I picked the Predators over the Red Wings and the Predators won.  And no one outside of Detroit noticed.  6/8

Six correct picks out of eight series.  I'd trade them all for a Bruins win.  But alas...

Here are my logic-free picks for the second round.

New York Rangers vs Washington Capitals:
I hate them both so much.  I hate them both with a passion that is burning like a fever.  Words cannot express how much I hate both of these teams.  The Rangers, like the Bruins, slipped a little down the stretch.  They, like the Bruins, are a defense first team.  They, like the Bruins, are going to lose to an eighth seed.  I pick the Capitals and it pains me to no end to do so.  (The Rangers won game one)

Philadelphia Flyers vs New Jersey Devils:
Oh my good christ I do so hate the bedamned Flyers.  I'm picking the Devils out of pure hatred and spite.  The very thought of the Flyers making it to the Conference finals makes me want to vomit fire.  Go Devils.  (The Flyers won game one... are you seeing a pattern developing here?)

St Louis Blues vs Los Angeles Kings:
I am never going to pick against the Kings again.  Really, I feel like I should buy every member of the team a beer (or 10) for the way they beat Vancouver.  My one great fear when I saw Boston matched up against Washington was that Boston would go out in the first round and Vancouver would advance.  Thanks to my Kings that did not happen.  I would pick this Kings team against any team in history that does not include Bobby Orr (with the exception of those Chicago teams he sort of played for), Ray Bourque (with the exception of those Colorado teams he played for), or Cam Neely (with the exception of those Vancouver teams he played for).  The Kings are my team now.  I am a Kings fan from this day forward, until Boston's next training camp of course.  Go Kings.  (The Kings won game one.  Think of this as the exception that proves the rule, okay?)

Phoenix Coyotes vs Nashville Predators:
Your time is up Phoenix.  Time to start packing for Quebec City, or Hamilton, or Saskatoon.  How about St Johns, Newfoundland?  I am picking the Predators because maybe, just maybe, their time has finally come (except for when they play the Kings).  Predators in seven.  (Phoenix has one games one and two.  Yes, I am a moron but at least I am a consistent moron.  Sort of.  I guess.)

There you go.  My second round picks.  At least three of which are going to end up being wrong. 

Who cares, my Bruins are done.  The rest of you can bite me.

Go Kings.

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