Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene: Recap

Here is the Irene recap for our house.

No damage, no nothing. We didn't even lose power. There are a few branches down in the yard, but nothing serious and nothing close to the house. We had one branch come down in the driveway, but it apparently landed right between the two cars without hitting either of them.

A little before noon I heard a couple of trees snap in the woods out back. I actually saw the top of one tree come down, along with one big branch. Nothing anywhere near us, but it was enough to make me nervous. I was also watching the Mayor's Facebook page and he posted a few times about trees down and power outages around town. There was one comment that mentioned people trapped when a tree fell on their house. That got me moving.

I made lunch for everyone and we calmly ate it at the dining room table, but as soon as that was done we moved to the cellar. We turned my tree falling paranoia into a family game day and played a bunch of games downstairs. I kept sneaking upstairs to check the tree situation, but everything held together. We watched a couple of movies downstairs too, and by the time I went up to get the kids dinner the worst was over. We ate upstairs, but then went back downstairs for another game, but when it was over we all slept in our beds. We were prepared to sleep in the cellar if things were bad outside, but they weren't and all was well.

I hit two road closures during the commute this morning, both in Wayland, MA. There was debris on most roads, but nothing terribly bad. The power was still out in a couple of sections of Wayland too, but that was it.

Here's hoping the rest of you made out as lucky as we did. So long, Irene. Good riddance.

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