Friday, August 26, 2011

I Hate You, Irene

Weather forecasts never mess with me. It's a 50/50 chance that any forecast is going to be 100% wrong, so why worry? If I have plans that could be affected by the weather my usual answer to requests that the plans be changed based on a forecast is wait until the day comes and look out the window. If you still want to change the plans then change the plans then.

But the damn Irene forecast... it's getting to me. I'm buying into the hype. I'm already planning out how the four of us can sleep in the cellar on Sunday. I'm constantly mentally inventorying things that might be needed this weekend (the only thing I don't know if we already have or not is masking tape to tape up the windows).

I keep asking myself, why is this one bothering me so much?

The answer is simple. That damn tree.

We have a tree in the front yard that needs to come down. At least 50% of the branches are dead. We had an arborist (sp?) look at it and he agreed it needs to go. He told us he'd get some one over to get rid of it but he'd need about 10 days to set it up. That was a month ago. We've called other tree removal companies and they ignore us. Meanwhile, Irene is blowing into the region on Sunday and the damn tree still stands.

Just hold on a bit longer, Mr. Tree. Keep on standing tall and strong and please don't fall down.

Thanks, Mr. Tree.

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