Saturday, August 20, 2011

Things That Annoy Me Tonight

Here are three things that are annoying this crotchety fat red head, in order from least annoying to most annoying.

1: Tim Wakefield. Not so much Tim as a person, but as a concept. When last I checked the score, the Red Sox had a decent lead over the Royals in the sixth inning. That is good, because Tim needs to get that damned 200th win already. I mean, how many shots has he had at it so far? 92? Come on, Sox. Win a damn game for the guy.

2: Google Music. Specifically, the much rumored Google Music iPhone app. More specifically, where the hell is it? The web interface sucks out loud on iOS devices. Get on with it, Google. Do you want me to use the damn service or not?

3: The Brat Pack. Specifically, in Stephen King's TV mini series version of The Stand. When it originally aired people ripped Molly Ringwald (sp?) a new one while saying that Rob Lowe was okay. I disagreed. I thought Molly was totally wrong for her part but wasn't so bad in it. Rob, I thought, was all right, but far from a bright spot.

Last night, while unable to sleep, I brought it up on Netflix. When I got to Molly's first scene I almost vomited. She was AWFUL! What the hell was I watching the last time? Then Rob Lowe came on and I just shut it off. Really guys. How could that even happen?


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