Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Deli Nazi

Last night after work Jen and I went food shopping. We didn't need a lot, but we did need deli meat. Off to the deli counter we go!

When we got there the situation was surprisingly tense. Most of the staff were standing around looking slightly nervous. Something was definitely going on.

Nazi Deli Counter Man

It soon became apparent that there was one very unhappy cat working in the deli section. He was ranting like a Nazi at a parade.

"...Not staying here 'till 10:00 like last night."

"If you don't have a customer you better start wrapping the cheese. I don't want to be stuck here until 10:00 again."

"Come on, there are customers, let's go. I'm not getting stuck here like last night."

Clearly this man was the supervisor, and clearly the staff needed to be whipped into shape after a poor performance the night before. Clearly he had been stuck at work until approximately 10:00pm on Monday night. Clearly this was a near unforgivable sin.

He stormed with a fury that nearly made his plastic hair net explode!

Nazi Deli Counter Man in Mid Rant

Finally the motivational rant came to an end. The staff were clicking on all cylinders and they were burning through the line of customers. Eventually they came to number 63... which was the number my dear, loving, wife had in her hand. Which member of the deli counter staff called out this number? The ranting, Nazi of the deli, that's who. Oh he of the not getting stuck here until 10:00 fame!

Jen looked this foe in the eye and proudly said, "I'd like 3/4 of a pound of land-o-lakes cheese, please." Seeing that he had clearly met a strong, more forceful, and much much prettier opponent, he quickly got about the business of getting my wife her cheese.

Jen Stares Down the Nazi Deli Counter Man!

My wife has the power to tame the fiercest deli counter Nazi. She's AMAZING!!

(for the record kids, there were no actual nazi's in the store last night. Just a guy who didn't want to work late. I exaggerated the situation a little, with the exception of how freakin' amazing is my wife, and also how she was much much prettier than the guy working the counter. He was actually very nice to my sweetie, and I think he might have been 85-90% kidding when he was ranting to the other employees. He wasn't really a nazi at all. He just didn't like working late. Neither do I. I hope he got out of there at 9:00 on the dot last night.)

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