Monday, November 29, 2010

This Sucks

So on Tuesday I started feeling wrong.
On Wednesday it was 50/50 between calling in sick and going to work. I went to work and made it through without dying.
Thursday was the start of the four day weekend and I was sick. Thanksgiving plans needed a last minute rewrite.
Friday I was sick. We had movie date plans but had to scrap them.
Saturday I was sick. We had to miss the Dead Relatives Tour. I was better in the late afternoon and we went to a movie and to dinner. I thought I was improving.
Sunday I was sick. Again. I developed a five alarm cough that felt like it was ripping my chest open with each instance. Jen starts a new job today (woohoo! Go get 'em babie, you're the best!) and needed a good night sleep. She wasn't getting that due to my coughing so I went down cellar to try to sleep. I didn't.
Today is Monday, the first day back after the long weekend. I'm still coughing and sniffling a little, but I am well enough to go to work.

Figures, huh?

I need to wish the best of luck to my wife who is starting a new job today.
I also need for you, me, and everyone else to direct all of your happy thoughts (red head vibes from me) to a certain short person. He knows who he is. Best of luck to him today as well. Everything will go perfectly.

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