Monday, February 14, 2011

Crappy Song Number Nine

I got up early today and threw together the start of Crappy Song #9. It sure is crappy. I think my scratch guitar part is sloppy enough that it's going to make the bass and rhythm guitar overdubs difficult. What can you do though, it's the halfway point.

It puts me over the 35 minute minimum. I can't decide if I want to start recording bass parts tomorrow or if I want to try and tempt fate with one more song. I want 10 songs, but I am leaning toward cutting myself off right here. What I really need to do is find my damn tuner. I tune the guitar with the Pod, but I don't want to run my bass through that thing at all. I have a little Boss chromatic tuner but it's buried somewhere.

Tentatively the plan for tomorrow is: Dig out the tuner. Start recording bass parts.

There, the decision has been made.

(for now... until I decide to change my mind, probably five minutes from now.)

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