Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reign in that Cautious Optimism

Is my Cautious Optimism being overrun by a sudden cockiness? I hope not.

After the way the Bruins slaughtered the Canucks in game three it seems like we Bruins fans are feeling an over abundance of confidence.


Lest we forget that our home town team is still trailing. Game three was such a resounding victory that it almost feels like we have the lead in the series. We have to cut that crap right out. We're still down. We still need to be desperate. Yes, game three was an absolute blast but it doesn't erase games one and two. We are still behind by a game.

We need to tie this up tonight. We need to go back to Vancouver for game five with a clean slate. We need to turn this into a best of three.

We need to win tonight.

We must win tonight.

Game three is a happy memory, but game four needs the same intensity and focus and brute force that game three had. We need our team to repeat the performance.

Go Bruins!
Win Game Four!
Go Bruins!

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