Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Did You Catch the Bruins Game Last Night

So, did you catch the Bruins game last night?

Neither did the Bruins.

That was the worst performance I've ever seen. The game was virtually over before the five minute mark when Tampa Bay scored their third goal. We learned definitively why Marty Turco has not been in the NHL for over a year.

I've never seen a team suck like that, and I used to go to 50 or so minor league games a year when it was not unusual for teams to just not try every now and then (usually on Sundays at the end of a three game weekend).

What's worse? They have now legitimately sucked for three straight games. When Ottawa catches them in the standings this week they will drop from second in the Conference all the way to seventh, and they deserve it. At this point they don't deserve to make the play offs. Teams that suck this bad have no place in the post season, and there is no reason for anyone to believe they will ever turn things around.

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