Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Horton is out.  Peverley is out.  Ference is out.  Paille is out.  Rask is out.  That's 25% of the Bruins regular game time line up.  The team is playing at a level of mediocrity that is alarming.  Let's recap:  They sucked horrendously in October.  They were the best team on the planet in November and December.  They have been half assed at best through January and February and into March.  Will the real Bruins please stand up, and will those real Bruins please turn out to be the ass kicking November/December team?

It's all going to be okay though.  We're saved.  Yesterday the B's signed 300 year old washed up has been playing in Europe Marty Turco.  Like I said, we're saved.

Okay, that's mean.  Turco is actually 36 years old.  He was once a great goalie but those years are definitely behind him.  I would bet that he's still good enough to be an NHL backup.  He's going to be a step down from Rask, but anyone would be a step down from Rask.  He will probably, and I have to stress probably as he hasn't been in the NHL for a while, be a step up from the two goalies we have in Providence.  Unfortunately he still has to clear waivers so the Marty Turco era cannot begin with tonight's game against the Maple Leafs. 

I did come up with a novel way to ease the pain of the current Bruins funk last night. 

I listened to the Red Sox on the radio.

Sure the Red Sox aren't going to be all that great this year, but it's Spring Training and anything is possible.  Optimism abounds for the Red Sox!

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