Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wikipedia Takes the Fun Out of Stuff

In my first post of the day I mentioned my step son not knowing why the Batman villain The Penguin is called The Penguin.  I know the story from the second Tim Burton movie but I was wondering if any of the animated television series might give a version of the origin story as well so I went to wikipedia to see what it had to say.

Apparently in most versions of the Batman comic book story lines, The Penguin is just a gangster who owns a night club.  I was so disappointed.  I want Burgess Meredith, damn it.  Also, based on the little research I've done, the animated series never does a show on The Penguin's origins.  I found a comic that covers the story, but amazon is out of stock.  Damn it.

I told my step son that it was now my mission in life to get him acquainted with the bigger Batman bad guys.  My step daughter seemed interested, but my step son wasn't.  Oh well.  Maybe we'll try the first Tim Burton movie and see if that sparks some interest.

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