Sunday, March 18, 2012

St Patricks Day Wins

Yesterday was a top notch St Patrick's Day. Really, it was a great day regardless of the Irish celebration, it was a great day for any day.

We had a very busy day planned. I was going to start cleaning out the garage while Jen made a fantastic corned beef dinner. I had expected the garage job to require the full weekend, but somehow, despite the overwhelming appearance, I managed to get everything on the to do list done by the start of the second period of yesterday afternoon's Bruins game.

I had enough time to help Jen cut up the veggies and we had a solid A+ Irish dinner at around 5:00. After that we went to Larry and Nawal's and just hung out shooting the breeze and getting caught up until almost 11:00. I had a lot of fun.

Today we slept in. Did we ever sleep in! We woke up after 10:00am! Glorious! Best Sunday Ever!

This evening we will go to my sister's house for another wonderful Irish dinner, and we will get to see the nephews and the niece. I'm looking forward to it.

The only thing separating this weekend from complete perfection is that it is not a kids weekend. Other than that, this weekend has been as good as weekends get.

Next weekend is a kids weekend so it will be even better!

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