Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Bad Start to the Day

Jen got up early for work this morning.  She left the house at a little after 6:00am (I think) and I got up to walk her out and give her a smooch at the door and say, "Have a good day, love!"

Then I went back to bed.  The plan was to get up by 6:40 at the latest.  I just wanted a quick nap before starting the day.  Of course that wasn't going to happen.  I sleep-snoozed until 7:10.  That pretty much guarantees that I will be late for work.  Damn my sleepy head!

Yes, I was late to work.  Five minutes late.  Here's the punchline.  I was 15 minutes earlier than yesterday, and yesterday I did not over sleep and I left on time.

Ahh, Boston traffic.

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