Friday, September 14, 2012

External iPhone Camera Lenses

So I may have mentioned that I am planning on grabbing an iPhone 5.  You also may have noticed, loyal reader(s?), that I tend to take a lot of pictures with my iPhone.  A quick look at Flickr tells me that I posted 700 pictures and one video with my iPhone 3G, and then I posted 1,982 pictures and 61 videos with my iPhone 4, although a few of those pictures actually came from my iPad 2, but only a small number.

That's a ton of camera phone pictures.  An absolute colossal ton.

Given that, how many do you think I am going to take with the iPhone 5's 8 megapixel sucker?  Maybe a ton times two?  Maybe more?

I was poking around on G+ during lunch today and saw a post by someone who apparently also over-uses his iPhone's camera.  It was a review of a set of external lenses designed to be attached to cell phone cameras.  Here's a link to the product's website.

I am pretty sure that there are more such items available than just these.  I will try to remember to Google the topic after work tonight, if I can.  I have given a few seconds worth of thought to things like these before, but only a few seconds.  Should I look deeper?  The price is pretty low, and if they work well they could make my already over used iPhone camera a little more versatile.  I wonder how a little telephoto lens would improve the crappy camera phone pictures from the cheap(ish) seats at a Rush concert.

I'm thinking about it.  If you've used external lenses with your iPhone leave a comment and tell me what you think.


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  1. These are the ones at the top of all the review lists
    Let me know how they work
    I have a ridiculous amount of iphone accessories and dont have these yet