Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I just heard that the NHL and the NHLPA are going to meet on Friday.  Yippee.  Hooray.  Zippidy do dah.

What a joke.  10 days into the league's precious lockout, with more and more players bailing to Europe every minute and the biggest breakthrough we have to talk about is the fact that they are going to blow off Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before actually getting into the same room on Friday.  They have already cancelled everything through September 30th.  There is no way that the season could possibly start on time now without any training camps or preseason warm up games. 

Want to hear the funniest part of Friday's planned meeting?

They haven't decided where to hold it yet.  The league's main office is in New York.  The union's main office is in Toronto.  They are probably going to need months of negotiations in order to figure out who's office to meet in, and then who is going to bring the sodas and what brand of potato chips they want and so on and so forth.

The whole situation is so shitty that I can actually hear the flushing sound of the entire sport going down the toilet.  I am surprised that the players haven't begun forming their own league.  They could call it the Federal League (that is not a reference to the movie Slap Shot, it is a reference to baseball history).  It is time for the NHLPA to stop doing business with a league that is too stupid to police itself, so much so that days before instituting a lockout that expects to put a five year max on all player contracts, teams were giving players six year deals.  They are too stupid to survive.  The players should take matters into their own hands and form a new league.

To hell with the NHL.

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