Thursday, September 20, 2012

Maps App

This morning I gave the new Apple Maps app a test.  I had to take the kids to their dad's house before school so I plugged in his address as we were leaving to test the turn by turn directions. 

It didn't work.

At all.

By the time I had pulled out of the driveway the app had gone to sleep.  Yes, I did have it plugged in.  The old Maps app would not go to sleep when the phone was plugged in.  Apparently, that is not the case with the new app.  A few miles, and a few turns, down the road I woke the phone up and it was still showing the first turn as if it were the next turn.  Pretty huge fail.  Now I have to say that I was running on an iPhone 4, so I do not have Siri.  Siri is the source of the turn by turn function's voice, so maybe that was related.  Who knows.

Based on my teeny tiny bit of testing though, I'd have to file the Apple Maps app as disappointing.

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