Thursday, September 20, 2012

NHL: Funny Ha Ha

It's funny that hockey season always seems to draw my internetiness to Twitter.  What's funnier is that even when there is no hockey I still seem to be drawn to Twitter.  I've been posting there a bit over the last week.  Generally bitching like a madman about the NHL lockout.

My current feelings are thus:

I hope the league dies.

A number of players have headed over to Europe already and I hope they stay.  I hope they are made welcome and to feel appreciated so that when the time comes to return to the NHL (if that time ever comes) they decide they prefer making big money in a good environment to making huge money in a league that is ridiculous enough to lock them out three times during a single commissioner's term in office.

I hope that when the league comes back (if the league ever comes back) they play to empty arenas all over the continent.  I hope we fans show our displeasure by not spending money on tickets, or merchandise, and by not watching games on television or listening to games on radio and thus drying up the broadcast revenue streams.

I sincerely want the National Hockey League to die for the way it has treated us.  Not just us, either.  Teams have begun cutting down staff work schedules to four days a week, effectively a 20% pay cut, and some teams have even started laying people off.

I do not want them to come back again ever.  I want that at some point in the near future, the owners of the 30 NHL franchises sit around an empty board room with no press following them, and no fans interested in them, and absolutely no money coming in.  I want them all to look at each other and think, what did we do?  We were making billions and we threw it away over (relative) chump change.

I want them to stand over the decayed ruins of a once proud and massively successful league and know that their greed and their lack of respect toward the fans ruined everything.

That's what I want.

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