Friday, September 21, 2012


I swear I had something in mind to write about when I sat down five minutes ago... what the hell was it?  I got a work email stating that a bug fix I had been seriously waiting for had been upped to a status that was high enough that I can consider moving it to the customer... and then...

Empty brain.

We've got a ton going on this weekend.  Lots of kid stuff and maybe mattress shopping again, and maybe some cribbage. 

The new iPhone comes out today.  There are lines at Apple stores everywhere.  I had considered standing in line this time just to say that I had done it once.  I passed though.  I have too much going on at work to take time off for such foolishness.  Now I have to wait 2-3 weeks for my new phone to be shipped to me.

Want to know how much of a dork I am?  I was driving the kids to their dad's this morning and we passed Canobie Lake.  There was mist rising off the water and it looked cool.  After dropping them off I pulled over and took a quick picture (see my previous post).  As I was taking it I thought about maybe making note somewhere that it might be one of the last pictures I take on my iPhone 4.  Then I realized that, if I did that, it would be pretty much the most ridiculously awful nerd thing I would ever do.  So I put it here instead, to make fun of what a dork I am.

Enjoy your Friday, folks, and if you got a new iPhone 5 today then I am jealous and you suck because I am a jealous geek.  Blah!

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