Friday, September 21, 2012

Irrational Panic is Irrational

I just heard that there is a major five car accident on route 495 in Methuen at the exit for route 213 and that there is one fatality so far and a medivac helicopter is flying to the scene.

Guess what exit I would take if I were heading home on route 495?

Further reading told me that the accident was on the South bound side of 495.  That is the opposite side that I, or my wife, would be traveling during our evening commutes.  However, it completely failed to dissuade my sudden irrational panic over the safety of my family.

A text message was immediately sent to Jen, informing her of the accident and asking her to let me know she was okay.  A google chat instant message was being written about 1.5 seconds after sending the text.  It would have had the same message, but my sweet Jenny answered the text before I could finish.

Irrational panic abating.

My heart is still pounding though.  I hate it/dispise it/loathe it whenever the thought of mortality peeks through the cracks of my loving family reality.  Damn that feels awful.

Everyone gets an extra hug tonight.

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  1. I heard about that accident too, on the news while I was watching my daily recorded Ellen show. Luckily there were photos of the vehicles taken from the air so I could clearly see that none were vehicles belonging to my family or anyone else I know. But until I saw those vehicles, my first thought was that I hope Rob is OK! Because I know you go to and from on the highway and I always thought Jennifer took mostly back roads to work. The point of all this is, you're not alone... whenever I hear about a major accident on 495, I always immediately think the worst. I think it's a requirement when you're part of a family!!! LOL And tell Jen not to get mad, the only reason I didn't think of her first is because I had no idea she takes the highway. But thanks, now that I know she does I'll be sure to worry even more... LOL