Monday, September 24, 2012


Remember the movie Ghostbusters?  There is a scene near the end when they are driving down the street with a police escort, heading to Sigourny(sp?) Weaver's apartment.  The music on the soundtrack is a song that goes something like Saving the day (doo doo doo) Saving the day (doo doo dooooo).  Remember that scene?

Yesterday I put a game onto my step son's computer.  He played for a while, then we went out for a few hours.  When he came home it wouldn't run.  I told him how to try fixing his problem.  It worked.  I think that song was playing somewhere.

This morning before sunrise my step daughter and I went outside looking for Orion.  The sun was about to come up so the sky was brightening.  I had an astronomy app that told us where in the sky to look, but the stars were very faint.  I saw two stars that looked promising, but as my eyes adjusted and I started to make out that third star in Orion's belt, I think that song started playing again.

Sadly it did not play this morning as I tried to divert us around a traffic jam on route 93.  I ended up getting them to their dad's about five minutes late.  My streak of step-dad heroism came to an end, but I can't wait to start a new one.

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