Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Head is Empty (as usual)

So... do you think my iPhone 4 is jealous?  Do you think it knows that by 3:00pm Eastern time yesterday its replacement had been introduced to the Apple fanboy universe?  I bought my iPhone 4 just over two years ago.  It was July 31, 2010, if the first photo uploaded to Flickr is to be believed.  It has served me faithfully (although the button has been weird since day one) but now its replacement has been announced.

The iPhone 5.  4G LTE.  That's all I really wanted in a new phone.  That's the one thing I was feeling jealous of.  Now when pre-orders are opened in a week or so I'll put in for one.  I want more memory (of course) so I'll probably jump from 16 gig to 32 gig if I can.  If it's doable I'll go all the way to 64 gig, but I doubt it.  The tom-tom added to the new maps app will be nice, but I expect I will miss the Google maps app for a while.  Hopefully Google will release it independently via the app store so I can have that too if I ever need to go crying home to mama (GPS-illy speaking, of course).

Everything else is sort of icing on the cake.  It'll be nice to be able to tell Siri to change my Facebook status and all of that, but what I really want is that 4G.

Granted, AT&T can't even get me a cell signal or Edge network in some areas of Salem, NH... why should I expect 4G service all of the sudden.

Don't bring a fanboy down, AT&T.  Show us some network love, m'kay?

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