Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Don't Scare Me MLB!

I just had the baseball crap scared out of me.

Normally around this time of year I write a lot of boring and meaningless posts about the Boston Red Sox playoff race. Over the past month+ I have wanted to, but it has just been too painful. Loss after loss after loss. What was a nice lead in the division has been reduced to a tiny lead in the wild card.

Yesterday I had tickets to the first game of the double header but... Well... I couldn't find them (they were originally for a game in May, so they've been bounced around the house probably a dozen times and... Well... They're just gone) so I stayed home and put it on the tube. I had the volume off because I was recording music, but it didn't stop the escalating panic as they lost to lowly Baltimore.

We watched the second game while playing WoW. I told Jen we had to watch because this game was going to be the start of the turn around. The ship shall be righted. The lead in the wild card was down to 1.5 and the September collapse is of epic proportions, but as Captain Picard once said, "this far, no further!"

Fortunately they came through with a very large win. Whew. This morning I checked the MLB11 app and almost shit a brick. It listed the lead over Tampa Bay as one measly game! As if the Sox lost game two! Panic!

It was an error. The lead in the wild card is two games and two games is a whole ton safer than one.

Whew, indeed!

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