Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pointless Pic of the Night

June 6, 2008 - Hollywood Studios and a Night Out

I'm actually kind of proud of myself. The Star Wars Blu-ray boxed set is out and I have not emptied my life savings to buy it. (do we call these versions the special-special-special editions?). I'm going to put the super box set with the 40 hours of extras onto my Christmas list and let Santa take care of it.

How responsible of me.

Two pieces of good news from the world of Boston sports:

First, the Red Sox are winning in the seventh inning. Barely. Hang in there, Sox.

Second, Bruins defenseman and convicted woman assaulter Joe Corvo left today's black vs white scrimmage game with an injury. Reports are that he is day to day, but I'm hoping for season ending so we Bruins fans won't have to root for the kind of asshole who would beat up a woman.

Go Red Sox!
Go Bruins!

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