Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Worst Things Imaginable

Two of the worst things imaginable have happened within the last 8 hours or so.

First, the Red Sox blew their seventh inning lead in the eighth inning last night and lost to the pathetic Orioles. Who's pathetic now? They are 5-15 in September.

I was too young to remember the epic collapse in 1978, although I have clear memories of Bucky Bleepin' Dent, so I can't say how this year's pain compares... But it's got to be similar. This blows.

Second, and much more distressing, the snooze button on our bedroom alarm clock has been acting strange lately. Sometimes you would have to press it 5-6 times before it would work.

This morning it appears to have given up the fight completely and just stopped working at all.

How are we supposed to survive without a functioning snooze button? The horror at the thought is overwhelming!

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