Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Finger Tips Hurt

It's been a while since I played my guitar with anything approaching regularity. I worked on the RPM Challenge in February through the first week of April, but there wasn't a ton of steady guitar playing involved. More like spurts of a few days here and there.

Last night 4/5 of the last band I played in, Break Even, met at Steve the guitar player's house. There was Steve, Dave the bass player, Jeff the singer/drummer, and Rob the guitar player (aka me). Bob the drummer wasn't there so Steve's step-son sat in.

It can best be described as a mild disaster. We were falling apart all over the place, and none of us practiced much so we were all hurting. Dave and Jeff are still in bands so they were doing fine physically, but musically everyone had their rough moments. It's funny how things come back to you. Songs I haven't listened to in five years popped back into my head as soon as we started playing. My guitar part, the lyrics I needed to sing, the structures, the changes, everything. It's also amazing how the mistakes I used to make regularly came back just as easily.

We'll get together once more on Tuesday and then play at Steve's cookout on the 11th. If last night is any indicator it will be a total freakin' blast. I always forget just how much fun it is to just play with other people. It's so much fun it should probably be illegal.

Do you know what else is really fun? Coming home after band practice to a really wonderful surprise. When we moved into the duplex (chez-plex) we brought a lot of framed pictures with us. The plan was to hang a few in each room and then hang the rest on the wall going up the stairs to the bed rooms. We never got around to the stairs.

Until last night when Jen and the kids hung a ton of pictures, including a few wedding pictures that Jen printed and framed. We are going to get some wedding pictures professionally printed and framed, and we still have one or two more pictures to hang, including a beautiful wedding present, but last night Jen and the kids did a wonderfully incredible job and I was so happy to see it. I love them all and can't thank them enough. What a great thing to come home to.

Now if the friggin' rain would stop so we can enjoy our two planned beach trips this weekend. That would make things just perfect.

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