Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stupid Person's Made Up Word of the Day

I have to share this wonderful tidbit I overheard yesterday.

I had left work and was heading to Salem to practice with the band. I had to stop for gas and went to a place in Framingham. I no longer carry a credit card, so my paying at the pump days are over for the foreseeable future. That means I had to go inside to pay.

As I'm standing at the counter paying my $20 there were a few people carrying on a conversation. They were all in their early 20s or so. They looked like the stereotypical high school drop out types that one would imagine hanging out at a gas station while their one employed friend works. I'm not saying they were bad people, or douche bags, or whatever. Just saying they fit the stereotype.

One guy is talking about the environmental impacts of painting your house. I got the impression he over heard Rush Limbaugh once and decided he too was an ultra conservative hate-all-things-that-are-remotely-liberal type. He was talking about how the paint you'd use on your house is crap today because of "the environment." Not environmentalists. Not regulations in place to protect the environment. "The environment." That in itself was funny enough to mention to these intranetz, but it got better.

He said something about how paints used to be rugged. He said, "have you ever seen an old barn that was falling down but the paint was perfect? You don't see that today. Paints used to be more rugged. They didn't care about the environment. It had longativity."


I laughed out loud. The kid at the counter looked at me funny. I couldn't help it. The douche bag actually used the word (or should I say, "word") "longativity" in an attempt to make himself sound smart and knowledgeable.


There you have it. The stupid-person-tries-to-sound-smart-and-makes-up-a-multisyllabic-word-that-in-fact-makes-him-look-even-dumber-than-he-normally-looks word of the day.

Feel free to use it in a sentence. I have no idea what it means because it isn't actually a word, but just stick it into your conversations wherever you want.


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