Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good News Bad News Again

First the bad news...

We had all of the water cleared out of the cellar by a 2:00ish today (40 gallons or so). I went downstairs at about 7:00 and we were still dry. The new dehumidifier was still running and all was well.

I went downstairs again at about 8:30 and we had water. Not a lot, but underneath the suspect window there was a puddle. It took me about 10-15 minutes to wet-vac it all up, but it was still pretty distressing.

I'll check on it again in the morning.

The good news? The Tampa Bay Rays were eliminated today! The Texas Rangers have advanced to the American League Championship Series. Thank you, Rangers!

The Yankees are up 2-1 against the Tigers in the fourth inning, but Detroit is threatening to score. If Detroit wins the Yankees will be out of it and today will be a great day for we pissed off Red Sox fans. Go Tigers!

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