Monday, October 24, 2011

I Have Weird Dreams

Sometimes my dreams are just plain weird.

Did I dream a movie, or did a movie dream me?  Urgh.

I had a zombie apocalypse dream last night.  Probably due to just having watched season one of The Walking Dead.  That's nothing odd.  Hell, I once had a dream where I was James Bond trying to escape a city over run with zombies.  This isn't new ground.

What was new last night was that I wasn't in the dream, nor were any people I've ever actually met.  My dream was a movie.  Literally.  It included all of the zombie and horror movie cliches and it stared Hollywood actor Robert Hays, of Airplane fame.  Why?  I have no idea.  None at all.

Was it a lucid dream?  Did it start out as a nasty nightmare and I turned it into a third rate horror movie?  I don't know.  I don't remember.  What I do remember is that Hollywood actor Robert Hays played the brooding, angry leading male.  There was a leading lady too, but I didn't recognize her.  They were in a building in New York City, somewhere near the waterfront.  The building was the last place in the entire city that wasn't overrun by zombies.  Hollywood actor Robert Hays and his girlfriend were among a small group of survivors who were fighting to defend the building.  One by one the group were getting picked off by the undead and the situation got increasingly desperate.  Sound familiar?

Eventually, a helicopter whose passengers included the President of the United States (I don't know who played the President.  I never saw his/her face, I just know the President was in the helicopter) landed on the roof of the building.  Hollywood actor Robert Hays' girlfriend got into the helicopter but there wasn't enough room for him and he sacrificed himself to save her.  How heroic, eh?  You've never seen that plot line in a horror movie before, have you?  The dream/movie even contained the bit about the hero saving the one bullet for himself.  Hollywood actor Robert Hays used it as the helicopter escaped the zombie apocalypse.  Who didn't see that coming?

The movie/dream even had the lame horror movie twist.  After the helicopter got away, Hollywood actor Robert Hays' girlfriend was next seen nine months later, in a zombie free hospital full of happy people, about to give birth to a baby.  I woke up as the labor was starting, but I know without a doubt that she was about to give birth to a zombie baby.

That brings us to the part of the twist that is almost interesting.  Assuming the baby's father was Hollywood actor Robert Hays, how could the baby be a zombie?  Does that mean the baby's dad was a zombie?  A functioning zombie?  Was he carrying the zombie virus without being affected by it?  Is that how the zombies take over the places that had remained safe?  By having the virus lie dormant in some humans?

Who knows.  Are you creeped out now?  Is my dream/movie as good as The Walking Dead?  Do I need therapy?  Are you amazed at how lame my dreams are?  Would it have been better if Hollywood actor Robert Hays was playing James Bond in this movie?  And let's not forget the most important question of all... given that this was a lame horror movie with a (not very) shocking twist ending... will there be a sequel???

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