Monday, October 17, 2011

World Series Prediction

It sure does look like I can see the future, doesn't it?  I picked three out of the four MLB division series winners, and now I have picked both League Champions as well.    I picked the Rangers over the Tigers and the Rangers won.  I picked the Cardinals over the Brewers and the Cardinals won (sorry Milwaukee).  That's an 83% success rate, now isn't it.

So who do I pick for the World Series?  I'm glad you asked, because now I have a lame cliche to add to my usually gut feelings.  Are you familiar with the idiot saying, "Team of Destiny?"  Sure you are.  Every year in every sport every team tries pinning that lame saying on themselves to try and self motivate. 

This year I'm pinning that tag onto the St Louis Cardinals.  Just look at the facts.  They over came an 8.5 game deficit to catch Atlanta and win the wild card.  Then they beat one of the best pitching staffs in human memory when they beat Philly.  Then all they did was beat up a rolling Brewers team to win a trip to the World Series.

This year the St Louis Cardinals win the World Series.

You heard it here.

On a purely selfish Red Sox fan level, the Cardinals franchise has the second highest total of World Series victories in league history.  They have 10 so far.  One more win puts them one step closer to the Yankees, who have the most.  Granted, they have 27... so no one will be catching them any time soon, but every win helps.

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