Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Should Have Posted That Thought

After the end of Game 5 of the World Series I meant to write something relating to the two Cardinals runners getting thrown out trying to steal second.  I had meant to retorically ask whether or not Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa had read Moneyball.  If he had, he would have known that, according to the statistical analysis used by the A's in the book, trying to steal bases is generally a less than smart move, and getting caught stealing would get your ass chewed out by Billy Beane.  (did I spell Beane right in this case?)

Anyway, here I sit on my lunch break perusing the ESPN website when I come upon an article that would have made me look like a total genius who controls the fate of billions of baseball fans:

"St Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa planned to take advantage of Wednesday's World Series rainout to check out "Moneyball" at a local cinema."

Damn it!  Talk about a missed bloggie opportunity!  Well, we all know that I am pretty much the dumbest dumb ass who was ever dumb, so you'll understand when I miss a rare chance at looking like something other than an idiot.

If only I'd have posted that post.

Game six tonight (take two).  Go Cardinals!

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