Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flashback - Five Years

For the second time ever I am reposting something from my old myspace blog.  All this looking at old pictures stuff has me digging around the old blog looking for more and I just stumbled on this post... sort of sounds a little like the last post I made here.

 From May 1, 2007:
New Rush!

Rob is in kid-in-a-candy-store mode again.

Snakes & Arrows, the new Rush record hit the stores today and I'm well on my way to wearing out my copy.

Consider me impressed.  It's darker, without being heavier than the more recent releases.  Lots of acoustic guitars, but it's still heavy.  (I know I sort of contradicted myself there, but it is Rush after all.  Count to seven for a while, you'll understand)

Musically there are a couple of new twists.  Some of the songs are almost sort of bluesy.  That's not something I think we've ever been able to say before.  Furthermore there is a sense of the psychedelic.  Again, Rush has never encroached on the world of Acid Rock before (the Feedback ep is kind of an exception).

Personal favorites in the early going include, "Far Cry" (but we've had our mitts on that one for over a month now), "Armor and Sword" (although if you're of the religious nut persuasion you are absolutely going to disagree), "The Larger Bowl" is another one.  It's heavy on the acoustics, and may in some weird way pass for Prog-Folk.  It's a strong song though with one of the better hooks.  "Good News First," and "We Hold On" are also high points for me.

It's been five years since Vapor Trails, and as of today I'm thinking it was well worth the wait.

Robert is a happy Rush fan.

Bring on the tour!

The original post had an image, but the link is now broken.  It was not my picture though, I am not sure what it was.  Regardless, there will be another similar post made next Tuesday.

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