Wednesday, June 6, 2012

July 28, 2005? My First Digital Camera!

IM000713 by robj_1971
IM000713, a photo by robj_1971 on Flickr.
This picture is important for two reasons. Well... not "important" per say, but interesting to me.

First:  After years of using an email service that was designed and built inhouse, the company I work for has just switched all email to a business version of gmail. Thank you!

Because of this we've all been sending gmail hints and tips type articles to each other. I've been a gmail user since 8/11/04, but it's always good to learn more. One article today was advanced search keywords. I knew most of the ones discussed, but I did not know about the has: after: and before: searches, so I tested it out in my personal account by looking for emails sent by me that had attachments and were within the first year of my gmail life.

Second:  I found some pictures taken with my first ever digital camera! I thought those suckers were gone forever! Most of the pictures were of the day the tree fell on my parent's brand new mini-van. There were a few from 12/31/2000 but within the email thread I was told to destroy them, so I won't be sharing those. There was also an example of my old band getting their name in lights.

That old HP camera had less than three megapixels and no zoom and the memory card I had could only store 20 pictures at the highest resolution (80 at the lowest) and I never used it as obsessively as I would the Kodak that I bought after my first pay raise in 2005, or the Nikon that I love so much now, or the iPhone that I photo bomb the holy hell out of everyone with... but it was my first digital, and now it's represented here on my ridiculously overused blog.


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