Thursday, June 7, 2012

Old LG Camera Phone Pics

I mentioned yesterday that I found some old pictures buried in the depths of my gmail account.  Here are some more.  My first couple of camera equipped cell phones were little LG flip phones.  The only way to get the crappy lo-res pictures off of the phone was to email or text them.  I had a label set up to keep them all grouped together, but not long after the purchase of my first iPhone came the joining of Flickr which begat a series of Flickr uploader apps.  I stopped emailing pics to myself years ago.

I went through the LG pictures this morning.  They range from mid-2007, which is probably when I bought the second of the two phones and they stop in early 2008.  I took a few of the better ones and moved them over to Flickr.

If you know my history then you know that mid-2007 was when I started dating a certain gorgeous, brilliant, wonderful woman who a couple of years later became my wife.  The best pictures in the batch were taken on dates.  I love her, and these bring back some happy memories of when we were first falling in love. 

I think this one was from just before seeing The Police at the Boston Garden.

This one was from a Rush concert.  I think this one may have made it to Facebook too.

Here we are at the Tsongas Arena watching a Lowell Devils game.  How could I not fall in love with that smile?

I can't quite place this one.  Is it the Applebees in Tewksbury?  I hope not, I hate that place... but I think we went there once.  Might this be from our trip to Wisconsin?  I don't think so, I think it was older than that.  This is one of the oldest pictures I found. 

This one was absolutely taken during our 2007 trip to visit Mike and Tammy and their baby in Wisconsin.

I want to say we were seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, probably at Jordan's in Natick.  I am almost positive this was a 3D IMAX theater and this is still one of my absolute favorite pictures ever.

This was such a happy little find.  Hopefully I'll wait another five years or so and then find them all over again and feel this great giddy feeling once more.

I love you, Jenny.

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