Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Los Angeles Kings: An Apology

I feel I owe the Kings an apology.  Yes, I picked them to win the Stanley Cup Finals.  Sure, I have picked them to win every series they've played this post season, and so far I have been right each time.  Statistics show that, given the current state of the Finals, I will be right a fourth time too.

But still... I short changed them.  I gave them less credit than they deserved, and I feel I need to make amends for it in some teeny, tiny, internety way.

In the first round, the Kings beat Vancouver in each of the first three games to take an all but insurmountable (I'm a Bruins fan, note I did not make any guarantees there) 3-0 lead in the series.  In the second round, they beat St. Louis in each of the first three games to again take the same all but insurmountable lead.  In the third round they did exactly the same thing against Phoenix.  Three games in, three games to none lead.

Here is where I let them down though.  When I posted my Stanley Cup Finals predictions I picked them to win the series and the Cup, but I also predicted that New Jersey would put up a fight.  How could I not, after the way they fought against the Rangers in the third round?  If memory serves, I specifically said that the Devils would not allow the Kings to take their fourth three games to none series lead.  I do believe I said if not exactly that, then something very similar.

Well, don't I look stupid now.  Last night was game three of the Stanley Cup Finals, and last night the Kings won the game to take their fourth three games to none lead this post season.  Boy was I a fool.  Egg all over my face. 

Sorry about that, Los Angeles Kings.  I should have had more faith in you.

Go Kings

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