Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bah Habah Weekend Pics

Our weekend sneak away to Bar Harbor, ME was fantastic.  Perfect even.  What a great couple of days.  Here are a few of the pictures I took.  Some on the way there, some in Acadia National Park, and some on the way home.

That's not the Zakim Bridge in Boston, that bridge crosses the Penobscot River.
2012-05-26 to 28 - Bar Harbor 004

This spot on the river is the site of one of the American Colonists worst defeats during the war for independence.  We lost the battle, but won the war.  We have survived as a nation this long, specifically for me to be able to drop that lame cliche in a blog post.
2012-05-26 to 28 - Bar Harbor 011

Now we are inside Acadia National Park on the Loop Drive Road.  Sure we could have hiked through the forest, but we chose to drive instead.  Me being criminally out of shape might have been part of the decision making process there.  Here are a couple of views from Frenchman Bay.
2012-05-26 to 28 - Bar Harbor 040

When we were walking through town the next day I found the name of this boat.  I can't remember now.  Is it the Mary Todd?  Something like that.
2012-05-26 to 28 - Bar Harbor 051

We were told that this land bridge disappears during high tide.  At this point, however, you could see little ant sized people walking across.
2012-05-26 to 28 - Bar Harbor 054

I'll post some more pictures in a little while.

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