Thursday, May 17, 2012

Web Fail

I have to share this one...

I just sent the following search query through Google: "dodge dealership 01844"

I am looking for a dealer with a service department to ask them about the problems we are having with the air conditioner in our mini-van.  The first hit was for a dealership on Pelham street in Methuen.  Good, okay.  I can call them.  The second hit was for a place that did not prominently display their address.  At least it wasn't displayed in such a way that I could see it right off the bat.  There were different sections of the page that included text like, "Searching for a great used car near Methuen, MA 01844?" and "your premier choice to service your new Dodge if you live near Methuen, MA."  No address though.

I clicked the link for their service department.  That's when I noticed the address in the page header.  Was it close to home for me?


Unless you consider Houston, TX to be close to Methuen, MA.


You know, what is the point of that?  So your page is dynamic enough to pull my query into the body text and use it to calculate my location.  Nice.  Congrats on a sweet piece of coding.  I'm impressed.  However, what's the point?  Is traffic to your site more important to you than traffic to your dealership?  Because that's how it looks to me.  Nice, you pulled in a hit from 1,884 miles away.  That does not mean I am going to journey half way across the continent to have you look at my wonky A/C.

Right?  I mean... Right?


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