Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I don't get the spamming mentality.  I got a comment on yesterday's NHL predictions post that tries to trick the reader into visiting a site for industrial injury claims.


What is it about this completely stupid site that would make some one think that it is a good place to target people who have been injured in an industrial accident and are looking to sue?  Is it the pictures of my cat?  Are they thinking that anyone who watches that much hockey and baseball must have something wrong with him that is worth suing over?  Is it that picture of deer poop that I posted a few months ago?  I don't get it.

It certainly isn't the traffic that makes me a target for posting spam.  I get maybe four regular visitors who aren't either a) me, or b) Google bots.  If I get five hits in a day that aren't Google web crawlers I throw myself a party.  I put those posts into the Rob's blog hall of fame (which currently consists of three posts, one is my first Spicket Riverwalk post, another is our visit to Yorks Animal Kingdom, and the third is the one where I posted a copy of the Bruins vs Flyers don't-date-a-Flyers-fan-even-if-she-shaves-her-moustache advertisement without permission (sorry).  Oh, and my artwork inspired by the term, "asshat" also gets occasional hits.  Other than those posts, no one ever looks at any of this crap, and rightfully so... it's crap!  It's the drivel of a blathering idiot, that's the whole point!  If I didn't blather here I'd do it in the real world and people would think I'm even more retarded then they already do!

And this site is deemed, by some poorly developed algorithm, to be worthy of the posting of spam?

I really don't get it.  What's weirder, is that I got the email telling me that a comment had been posted (I don't get a lot of those) and the email included the comment text and the user name of the commenter (Anonymous) yet when I looked at the actual post to see the actual comment... there was no comment.  So my stupid page is worthy of spamming, but not worthy of spamming for more than a few minutes.

I really, really don't get it.

On a related note, did you see that recent US Post Office commercial that sells their excellent bulk mail plan?  I think it was something like, you give us a stack of flyers and a zip code and we'll get it to everyone in said zip code.

There are laws against email spam.  Why aren't there laws against snail mail spam?  Just wondering.

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