Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lawn Mower

So I bought a new lawn mower today. It's a Toro and I have a few beefs.

One of the selling points was that the rear wheels are huge so they will help with uneven ground. Cool! Except of course that it's front wheel drive, which means the huge back tires are useless when the normal front wheels come off the ground.

Sticking with the self propel function. It only has one speed, and that speed can best be described as RUN FOR YOUR LIFE speed. In order to slow down you have to not hold the drive bar all the way closed. It works, but it's a tad annoying.

Again with the drive, the ground is still pretty soft, and it got stuck in a couple of places. That's more of a nitpick than a complaint.

Not the drive per se, but the sucker is heavy. I took it down off the shelf at the store and it didn't seem heavy. I put it into and took it out of the car and again, not too bad. Then I started pushing it. Woah! Heavy!

Finally, I bought the mower with the longest bar in the store. 22". Still, people like me who have an extreme over abundance of tall need the bar to be about a foot taller. After doing 1/3 of the grass my back is KILLING ME from bending over to push the mower.

Now, having said all of that, I'm happy with the purchase. It plowed over the front yard with ease. I have to wait for my back to stop yelling at me before I can move on to the side of the house, but i will. And when I do I will plow through that as well.

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