Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Remember When the Red Sox Were Awesome?

The Red Sox have won four in a row and currently lead the Mariners 1-0 after three innings. Josh Beckett is pitching well.

Remember when the Red Sox were wicked awesome though? I saw a post on Flickr from the Library of Congress in the Commons section of Duffy Lewis yesterday. I gave a search and found this pic that I just kinda like.

It is the 1912 Boston Red Sox taken on October 4, 1912 during the first ever World Series.

See the little girl in the back row? To her right is Tris Speaker. To her left is Smokey Joe Wood.

The 2012 Red Sox could sure use a couple of players like that, huh? How do you think those guys would handle things like free agency and multi-million dollar contracts?

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