Wednesday, May 16, 2012


There is nothing going on in my skull today except for the echoing of crickets chirping.

The Kings won last night.  Good.  The Red Sox won last night.  Good.  The Devils lost game one but have a chance to even the series tonight.

Jen is working like mad.  There is a kids party at our house over the weekend that involves a sleep over (gasp!) and I have cleaning to do.  One of the kids has a baseball/softball practice tonight but I'm not sure which.  They both have something tomorrow, and at least one has something on Friday.  I'm on call all day on Sunday.

There is a ton going on in Robbie's life these days, but there is nothing but the big empty between my ears right now.  I've got a ton of work on my plate here at the office and I am cranking through it all, but it's taking time.

Back to it then!

Go Kings
Go Red Sox
Go Devils
Go Kings

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