Friday, May 11, 2012

The Red Sox Suck Mightily

Last night Josh Beckett had given up seven runs to the Indians when he was pulled during the third inning.  I know that there have been seasons in my lifetime when the Red Sox have been atrocious.  Many of them, in fact.  I cannot, however, actually recall them ever being this awful.  This terrible.  This horrible. 

Am I wrong?  Has the pain and suffering of the 86 year drought been completely erased by the 2004 and 2007 world series victories?  Since 2003 there have only been a couple of years when they haven't at least been in the chase for the post season.  I mean, even last year it took the biggest collapse in major league regular season history to keep us out of the playoffs.  I have been so spoiled recently that I have learned to equate finishing third in the AL East as unforgivably bad.  Right now we're in last in the AL East.  A Distant last.  Seven and a half games out in the second week of May.  Sox fans are hurling themselves off the Tobin bridge at a record pace, dozens each day!

Of course, there is a small upside.  Ticket resellers are dropping their prices to record lows.  I can get tickets to tonight and tomorrow's games for $25.  Granted, those seats are two small for my ass and the aisles are too narrow for my legs, but still.  As game time approached yesterday, one of the ticket resellers had dropped their prices as low as $4.00 for some seats.

Still... I'd rather the team not suck.

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