Monday, May 14, 2012

NHL Third Round Predictions - Better Late Than Never, Again

So the second round ended on Saturday after two pointless nights off, and then the third round begins immediately on Sunday.  Oh bite me, NHL.

Here are how things stood after the first round.  I picked six out of the eight series correctly.  That's pretty good, but I usually do pretty good in the first round.  The second round usually ruins me.  Not so this time, but I didn't do all that great either.

I picked the Capitals over the Rangers in a series where I was hoping both teams would lose.  I picked wrong as the Rangers won in seven.  At least the seven game series will hopefully soften them up a little for the next round. 6/9
I picked the Devils over the Flyers and the Devils won.  I feel smaht.  I do so hate the Flyers.  I hate them with a passion that burns white hot.  I hate them as powerfully as I hate all sports teams from New York.  7/10
I picked the Kings over the Blues and the Kings won easily.   As I stated the last time I wrote one of these stupid posts, I am never picking against the Kings again. 8/11
I picked the Predators over the Coyotes.  Wrong.  The freakin' Coyotes even appear to have found a buyer dumb enough to not move the franchise back to Canada.  Really.  That dumb.  8/12.

So I've picked one out of every three series wrong.  So what.  Didn't I say up front that these predictions are meaningless crap?  It's not like I would bet money with these illogical guesses.

On to round three.  I actually entered my predictions in an earlier post after the Devils eliminated the Flyers whom I hate passionately.

New York Rangers vs New Jersey Devils:  Lundqvist vs Brodeur.  A goalie match up for the ages.  The young phenom against the aging giant.  Two teams that essentially live across a river from each other doing battle for a chance at the cup.  As usual, geography and inter-city rivalry make this pick for me as I will not soil myself by predicting a win for a New York team, but I would have picked the Devils even if they weren't matched up against the Evil Empire.  The Devils team looks good.  They are clicking in a way that they were not earlier in the season.  They look pretty much unbeatable.  If the Rangers were locked in the way New Jersey is they would have crushed the Capitals (much like my beloved Bruins would have if they were locked in the way they should have been.  Grrrrrrrrr).  They did not.  I think the Rangers are coming undone and the Devils will take advantage of them.  For the record, I was once a season ticket holder for New Jersey's former AHL affiliate in Lowell, MA.  More on that later.

Phoenix Coyotes vs Los Angeles Kings:  Go Kings.  'Nuff said.  Two desert teams matching up in game that's played on ice.  Meanwhile real hockey cities like Boston and Chicago and Detroit and Saint Paul and Toronto and Montreal and Winnipeg ect ect ect are all at home watching the games on TV along with their teams.  The Kings are a team of density.  Um, I mean destiny.  They have already destroyed the top two teams in the West, why not send the third seed home as well.  They just look really good, even better than the Devils.  To use another cliche, they are firing on all cylinders.  I think Phoenix is in for a rude awakening.  This series gets two for the record statements.  First, game one was last night and the Kings took a one game to none lead.  Again, I posted this prediction a week or so ago so I'm not cheating, I'm just writing it up in an official (re: dumb ass) way.  Second, I was once a season ticket holder for Los Angeles' former AHL affiliate in Lowell, MA.  See the connection?

Given these predictions, I expect to see some former Lowell Lock Monsters playing against some former Lowell Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Make it happen!

Go Kings!
Go Devils!
Go Kings a little more than the Devils!
I hate the Rangers, so Go Devils!
and Go Kings!

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