Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bird Sanctuary

I finally got around to poking my head into the bird sanctuary. I believe I stood on the rail trail to be. I just walked out onto the refurbished railway bridge over the Spicket River and took some river pictures. I tried to get a couple of shots of different birds too but I got pretty much diddly with the exception of a couple of Canadian geese.

The bridge:

The mighty Spicket River:


The trail is under construction:

A new piece of bridge:


Coming in for a landing:

The first bird I didn't recognize. It went by so fast I didn't have a chance:

I had this one lined up but the auto focus failed me for the first time ever:
Auto-Focus Blues

I also stopped to take a look at the Spicket off of Lowell street opposite the falls dam. Sucks to be the owner of this dock, which is sitting smack in the middle of the river:

Lowell Street:

1 comment:

  1. the blurry bird is a great blue heron.
    the dock is part of the original boat house from many decades ago.
    there are plenty of birds out there, early morning is best, this summer will be chockfull of them. It helps to get off the rail trail and out into the woodlands trails along the spicket. Basically i go out and sit very still...and haven't been disappointed yet.