Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Birthday Post Mortem

So I'm 41.  Or 30-11 if you prefer.  Or just 29... again.  Or maybe 21... again.


The kids were with their Dad last night so there was no big deal.  Jen and I went to dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant in Salem.  I'm hoping that Jen's work schedule this weekend works itself out so that the four of us can all go and see The Avengers together on Saturday.  That will be my birthday party.  Junk food and superhero violence (No popcorn though.  My step-daughter can't eat it due to her braces, and I am boycotting it in sympathy).  Sunday is Mother's Day so we have to have all of my stuff out of the way so that we can shower love and affection and thanks and praise on Jen the super mom. 

Like I said, the kids were not with us last night so I cannot say that it was a perfect night.  It was, however, as close as you can get without going over.  I spent my birthday with the love of my life.  Really, could a birthday ever be better than that?

I love you, Jenny.

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