Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cat Question

Is our cat as bad of a picky eater as I am... or is she sick?

The last few days she's been spitting up a lot, and yesterday she full on puked. She vomited a few times in the first couple of weeks we had her, but she'd been fine for quite a while. Now it seems to be starting again.

We attributed a lack of appetite over the last couple of days to her not feeling well, but this morning she was meowing like crazy waiting for food. When I gave it to her... she walked away. She doesn't like anything. We've tried a whole bunch of different foods and she just doesn't eat anything.

This is the cat I deserve. After all those years of being the world's fussiest eater and driving my mother crazy, I now have a step daughter who has moments of extra fussy eating behavior, and a cat that is so fussy she makes the two of us look like total omnivores.

Yup, this is the cat I deserve.

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