Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day Off

I scheduled a comp day for today a couple of weeks ago so I am off work and pleased.

I got hit with some sort of freak cold yesterday. I had to blow my nose twice before I left for work but was feeling fine. About two hours after starting work though... sneezing, ridiculous runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, just miserable cold.

Magically, my nose started clearing up about an hour after work, and by this morning I am feeling almost 100%. Either I got a really bad, fast moving cold, or I am suddenly allergic to work. Wouldn't that be something?

Today's plans are simple. Wrap Christmas presents, clean up the house to start the preparation for our Christmas Eve party, do some laundry, go to lunch with my wife who now works about 6 miles away from home, and then this evening go to my step daughter's first ever school chorus Christmas concert. She's really excited. I don't blame her. I remember my first school band concert. It was very cool. It was also the first of about 2345235632 of them before I finally gave up on music school.

Okay, off to get some food and get back to the wrapping. The music is playing loudly, the cat is hiding, and the gifts are heading to the tree!

Happy Wednesday.

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